5.0-inch HD frameless widescreen display Brilliant Release

HD IPS widescreen, 16 million colors

More colors, more true to life. HD frameless display. Cool Look.

  • 5.0inch

    HD widescreen
  • IPSwidescreen

    HD screen
  • 16million colors

    Display quality

Long battery life

The standby mode can last for 35 days, and moderate users can use it for 6 days. Silicon anode material highly increase the energy density of the battery.

700WH/L high energy density and long battery life.

“core-shell” coating patents, cutting-edge technology, loop test in high temperature, advanced charging protection, metal prod protection to enhance security.


high capacity

Silk finish improves users' touch.

Wonderful silky texture

Slim phones

The middle frame is gilded with Champaign Gold under vacuum, which makes the phone thinner.

Camera systems

Rear camera 8 million pixels. Love your photos.

Front facing camera 5 million pixels. Love your selfie.

5 millionpixels

Front facing camera

8 millionpixels

Rear camera

Be slim and delicate in the hand

The depth of the phone is 8.4 mm, which gives desired touch.