Best hardware setting, faster and smoother.

M500 features with the super storage of 3GB RAM + 64GB ROM and 8-Coreprocessor, which enables smooth multitasking and frees users from frequent storage cleaningand program shutdown.

5.0 inch Samsung AMOLED display brings you a wonderful visual experience either playing games or watching videos.

The brand new 2A charger saves you long waiting time.

Artistic design, double-curved glass.

M500 adopts the "double V" design of Mito products, which differentiates itself from other mobile phone products. Even in the crowds, it can stand out and attract numerous eyes.

Bold double-curved glass, avant-garde coloring, and delicate all-metal frame make Mito M6 look more like a work of art.

The back side of M500 features large arc design. 5.0-inch large screen can also present a comfortable hand touch. It is also convenient to send a message or answer a call with one hand.

21MP camera systems continue to lead the selfie shooting.

M500 is equipped with a 21 MP Sony front camera, with a separate Sony (formerly Fujitsu) Milbeaut image processor.

It has a faster focus, excellent color reproduction, high-pixel imaging, better beautification,
so that the phone can also shoot the film-quality selfie.

Fingerprint identification technology makes mobile data more private.

On the front side of M500, a fingerprint recognition module is designed in professional and sensitive security software algorithms, which enables you to easily unlock the phone and complete a series of online payments by scanning your own fingerprints.

At the same time, fingerprint unlock system has been applied into the private photo album in an innovative way so that your pictures are more secure and more private.