Breathtaking speed and longer battery Life

The Samsung CPU 5430 and a built-in battery of 6500mAh keep your phone running faster while consuming less power. With the bigger and quality battery, the phone continues to run smoothly all apps you need just like new, freeing you from any worries no matter you are at home, in office or during a travel.

Amazing and unique feel

A strong unibody with both solid and smooth lines--that’s how P100 touches you. The all-metal battery cover feels comfortable in your hand; the simple rectangular design is combined with elegant curves. Crafted from the CNC technology, the P100 is perfect in every detail, including the camera c edge, the buttons, the earphone jack and the audio out--it satisfies you with every minute excellence.

2K HD screen from Dayou technology

Wind P100 is beautiful? Light its screen to enjoy more beauty! The 8-inch screen is quite advanced in its display technique: the resolution ratio of 2018*1536, a fingerprint-proof screen protector, the one glass solution (OGS) technology.

The phone of 8-inch size is easy to carry around--you can put it in a book or in a handbag; the high resolution ratio of 2k delivers clearer and more derailed shots;

the OGS technology makes the phone more beautiful to look at and more comfortable to use; the fingerprint-proof protector rid you of the fingerprint trouble.

13 million pixel camera
incredibly fast focus, accurate capture of wonderful moments

Wonderful moments are always transitory; it’s the speed of focus that decides whether these moments can be caught. P100 speed focus technology, focusing within milliseconds, makes it possible to capture the precious moments in life.

The 13 million pixel camera ensures that your photos come out brighter, sharper, and more detailed, and no matter in low light, backlight or in ordinary light, it always records your beauty as you want.


Product model:P100

Screen: 8",2048*1536 LCD

Camera:front-5M FF, rear-13M