Social Recruitments

R&D Posts

  • Architecture Engineer

    Responsibilities: stack profile design of terminal communications products (mobile phones, MID) and full device design.

    Requirements: over three years’ experience in architecture design of portable electronic products, particularly in mobile phones (preferred). Be familiar with mobile phones’ architecture design, full device production; extensive knowledge in modules.

  • Architecture Supervisor

    Responsibilities: assist in team building, promotion and management

    Requirements: over 7 years’ experience in mobile full device design including over three years’ experience in management; be competent in analysis, judgment, costs controls, team building, communication, and decision-making.

  • Components Design Engineer

    Responsibilities: be in charge of designing, sampling of camera and battery, as well as analyzing and solving related problems;

    Requirements: be proficient in software such as AutoCAD and Pro-E; be familiar with the architecture of a mobile phone and design procedures of the full device; these with working experience in mobile phone terminal or full device design are preferred.

  • Systems Engineer

    Responsibilities: be in charge of demands analysis and systems design; organize system technology evaluation; coordinate and solve technological problems of systems.

    Requirements: be familiar with overall architecture of mobile devices; be system-oriented in thinking; have profound expertise and outstanding achievements in architecture, hardware or software.

Quality-related Posts

  • R&D Quality Engineer

    Responsibilities: design and evaluation in R&D fields; closed-loop management of risks, collection of problems in R&D procedures; assist R&D department in formulating and optimizing designing procedures and regulations.

    Requirements: R& D experience in hardware, software, architecture and stack profile of mobile phone; be familiar with regulations and procedures of R&D activities.

  • Project Quality Engineer

    Responsibilities: formulated the project quality control plan, and arrange related tests, trace results; examine procedures of R&D of projects, make sure procedures of projects R&D meet relevant requirements of quality management system.

    Requirements: two to four years’ experience in phone industry and IT; good English abilities; at least a bachelor’s degree in related areas; these with experience of overall quality management or project quality management in communications and electronics industries are preferred.

Operational Posts

  • NPI Engineer

    Responsibilities: design fixtures, manage and control manufacturing process, checking Jigs before acceptance and maintain jigs; confirm status of projects before trial production and prepare documents; responsible for the production, installation of testing programs, test and technology support in later stages.

    Requirements: over two years’ experience in new mobile phones products introduction or related areas; be familiar with production and testing procedures of communications products such as mobile phones;

  • Production Material Control (PMC) Engineer

    Responsibilities: follow up production schedule, upgrade information to materials and materials in short supply; settle material delivery date; control inventory efficiently; control and analyze the inventory of semi-finished products and finished products.

    Requirements: over two years’ experience in posts of material planning and control; strong data analysis abilities; skilled at office software; proficient in EXCEL.

  • .net System Development Engineer

    Responsibilities: undertake and finish development tasks and goals in accordance with specific demands of each project; support system analysis staffs to complete design of software system and modules.

    Requirements: major in computer, software and communications etc.; over two years’ working experience; be proficient in c#, development, MVC framework development; these being proficient in C/C++ are preferred; these familiar with mobile phones and communications industries are preferred.

  • Tools Development Engineers

    Responsibilities: Maintain baseband CDMA tools and check tools; maintain download and upgrade tools; develop and maintain after-sale tools.

    Requirements: major in communications, computer or electronic information etc. be familiar with at least one of these programming languages including VB, VC++, LabVIEW or C#; these with experience in development of automatic testing tools are preferred.

Marketing Posts

  • Client Manager

    Responsibilities: assist leaders in developing plans to receive government official and enterprise clients; plan all business reception activities; formulate reception plans according to clients’ needs.

    Requirements: at least a bachelor's degree; good-looking and elegant; familiar with business reception etiquette; these with experience in aviation and conference service, public relation or 4A companies are preferred.

  • Business Manager

    Responsibilities: manage customer contracts or agreements, and ERP orders; confirm all order forms, delivery reports and proceeds reports; check and confirm delivery data, account verification information with related department on a regular basis; make out invoices.

    Requirements: at least a bachelor’s degree; CET-6; over two years’ experience in business, sales etc.; gook-looking and elegant, optimistic and decent; strong communicative skills and problem solving abilities.