Social Recruitments

Quality Posts

  • Supplier Quality Engineer

    Responsibilities: manage quality of supplied materials; deal with bad-quality supplied materials; examine and evaluate suppliers;

    Requirements: over three years’ experience in quality management of supplied materials in mobile phone industry; be proficient in quality control of main materials for mobile phone production; familiar with regular quality improvement tools.

Operation Posts

  • NPI Engineer

    Responsibilities: design fixtures, manage and control manufacturing process, checking Jigs before acceptance and maintain jigs; confirm status of projects before trial production and prepare documents; responsible for the production, installation of testing programs, test and technology support in later stages.

    Requirements: over two years’ experience in new mobile phones products introduction or related areas; be familiar with production and testing procedures of communications products such as mobile phones;

  • Production Material Control (PMC) Engineer

    Responsibilities: follow up production schedule, upgrade information to materials and materials in short supply; settle material delivery date; control inventory efficiently; control and analyze inventory of semi-finished products and finished products.

    Requirements: over two years’ experience in posts of material planning and control; strong data analysis abilities; skilled at office software; be proficient in EXCEL.

Marketing Posts

  • EMS Sales Manager

    Responsibilities: develop big EMS clients for mobile phones and electronic products both at home and abroad; implement marketing plans of the company; follow up clients, sign sales contracts, collect payments and implement contracts etc.

    Requirements: at least a junior college’ degree in marketing and electronics and related areas; be familiar with smart manufacturing products such as mobile phones; these with big customer resources at home and abroad are preferred.

  • Domestic Sales Manager

    Responsibilities: develop clients in China; formulate sales plans and targets; establish cooperation with clients; promote products, conduct sales negotiations, fulfill orders, ship orders, and collect payments.

    Requirements: at least a junior college’s degree in marketing, electronics and related areas; these are familiar with mobile phone market are preferred; these with big customers resources are preferred.